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Crypto Development Poll Results

We’ve had our ‘Which Crypto Coin algorithm should we implement next?’ Poll open for a good couple of months and now it feels like it is time to publish poll results.

  • CryptoNight (53%)
  • Scrypt (13%)
  • X11 (13%)
  • Blake-256 (11%)
  • Keccack (5%)
  • Nist5 (3%)
  • Quark (2%)
  • X15 (1%)

It seems like most our voters are willing to see Monero implemented by AtomMiner. I should admit that this is really good idea and we’re working hard towards Monero, but it will take some time and efforts to fit the whole XMR mining algorithm in the mid-size FPGA.

From another hand, we don’t really understand people voting for Scrypt and X11 algos. As of today, there are Asic miners for both Scrypt and X11 out there so we think it doesn’t worth the price to start implementing neither of these algorithms on AtomMiner platform.

Blake256r8 and Keccak algorithms are sort of ready and just waiting for our first commercial hardware miner to be shipped with. As a reminder, you can rent our Keccak test board at MiningRigRentals.

Bottom Line

We’re moving toward Monero and other ‘long’ algorithms like Nist5, yescrypt etc. by implementing smaller one-algorithm coins just to have all the compute cores we would need when it is time to run Monero on AtomMiner platform. Moreover I can say that Gr0estl and Skein will probably be implemented next since they are the part of Monero mining algo.