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Project Sources and Help

First of all, We wanted to say thank you to everybody who have sent us emails with all your questions and ideas! Your feedback is very important to us! We’re happy to see that our project is getting attention so we’ll keep working on it!

Project Sources

We’ve received numerous emails with questions about project source code. Since we’re working hard on this project every day, we don’t publish source code unless we think it is finished, bugs free and we don’t want to keep it private. You can browse thru Downloads section on this website and check out our github repo to see what has been published already. We’ll keep some parts of this project open-source while some parts will remain our commercial secret at our own discretion.

Project Help

In general it takes too much time to answer technical questions by email and distracts our team members from actual development. I’ll try to setup support forum in the next couple of days so all the common questions can be answered there and discovered by other users. I will post additional update when support forum is up and running.

More over, I’ll setup accounts/pages for this project on major social media platforms to deliver updates and important info about the project faster.

Update 2/22/2018: 

Now we have groups/pages in Social networking websites and our Support Forum is ready for new active users.





Work Opportunities

Thanks again to everybody who had sent us emails offering any kind of help! Unfortunately, we’re not yet ready to hire new people to work on this project. I will create Jobs section on this website and keep it updated along with additional updates if we need some help and ready to expand!


Meanwhile, do not hesitate to send us your great ideas and feedback to atom@atomminer.com